JPay Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the JPay Login:

Easy to follow step by step JPay Login instructions:

1. Go to JPay's website using this URL:
2. On the top right corner, there is a green rectangular button with a lock and the word Login. Click on that.
3. It will take you to the next page. The first block says "Login". In the grayscaled box "Email address" type in your email address as it appears on your account.
4. On the next block to the right, type in your password.
5. Click on the green "Login" button and you will be redirected to your profile.


Oh no! You forgot your password or email address? I told you we got your back! These are the instructions on how to reset your JPay Login credentials:

1. Go to the JPay's website:
2. Click on the green Login button.
3. Here, you will find below the "Password" block, the questions: "Forgot your email address?" "Forgot your password?". Click on the on the one that you are having trouble with. 
4. If you click on "Forgot your email address?", you will be then asked on the next page to type in your phone number. That means the phone number that you used to create your account initially. Then, just follow the instructions on how to recover your email.
5. If you click on "Forgot your password?", you will be transferred to another page and they will ask you for your email address. They will then, send you an email message with the instructions on how to retrieve or create a new password.

Here is the contact information, in case you still experience difficulties logging in. Contact them and state the matter:

24 Hour Customer Support: (800) 574-5729
Mailing Address: JPay, Inc.
                        12864 Biscayne Blvd. Suite 243
                        Miami, FL 33181
If you want to email them or contact the sales department, go to the bottom the homepage and click on Contact Us. There are two tabs on the left for each of those options. If you click on "Email Us" you can send them a message internally within the website. The same thing corresponds if you want to contact the sales department using the other tab.